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Gregg Mattlin started out in the video business in 1983, when he shot weddings. Everything else he produced after that didn't seem that difficult. “Weddings were a great training ground for me”, Gregg recalls, “because if you got it wrong somehow, someone in the family might hunt you down. It was in my best interest to please the client by quickly learning what the family wanted to see in a finished product. You only had one chance to do it right, since there were no retakes, so, in a way, it was like boot camp, sink or swim."


About this time, Gregg finished a degree in computer programming, worked in marketing for a while, but the video thing still tugged at his psyche. It was the spring of 1987, in Merced, California, when Gregg entered the world of ad insertion – little did he know the adventures that lie ahead – a roller coaster ride that would last darn near 35 years. In addition to ad insertion responsibilities, he wrote and produced TV spots as well as a weekly local sports show.


After returning to Colorado, Gregg heard about a position in the master control department at the local cable company. He'd heard or read about a concept called “401K” and something called “benefits”, and that this company offered them. He thought he'd try it.

From 2001 to 2008, Gregg produced "The Collectibles Show" for Rocky Mountain PBS. A 10-minute version of each episode ran on The Flying Blue Yonder Network, and was viewed on Frontier Airline flights.

In December 2022, Gregg retired from the cable company after a long and adventurous career as a content integration specialist. 

In retirement, Gregg took it easy for a while, and contemplated about the next chapter.

In March 2023, Gregg founded Mattlin Media, with a focus on AI-assisted content creation. He saw how it was changing the content creation landscape, and the substantial cost savings it brings to the commercial market.


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